How to Be Happy In Difficult Situations

How to Be Happy In Difficult Situations

Good Morning friend.

Various situations unfold in front of us throughout the day.We wish to think right, speak right and behave the right way in every situation.We think about it and decide to be right in every scene.We have a deep desire to do so.But we later regret, “The situation came and I reacted in the same old ways.”

“My mood was bad and I became angry”

“I got scared and felt anxious.”

Why are we not able to implement what we decide to do?

In those moments we say, “The situation for such that my mind got disturbed.”We hold the situation responsible for our state of mind.The more we hold situations or people responsible for our state of mind.The more we are giving away our energy or power to them.Because we always say,that “I feel like this because of them.”he moment we point our finger.Whether it is at a situation or a person .At somebody’s word or behavior.And we said, “They hurt me and now i don’t feel better because of them.”The moment we said this, we gave away our power in that direction.

We feel that, “This scene handle my mind and thinking.”

So at that moment, we become a victim.To that situation or to that person.We are a slave now.We believe they have exerted complete control over our state of mind.Which is not the truth.No matter how big the situation is.No matter who the other person or how his behavior is.It is all outside.Bring any one situation on the screen of your mind right now.Whether it has happened just today or in the past week. Just bring that scene on the screen of your mind.What had happened?

The other person behaved a certain way.In response, how did I feel, how did I speak and how did I behave?So the situation is outside.The person is outside.They are important.But they are outside.They are a stimulus, a situation.Situation or ‘Paristithi’ (in Hindi) means ‘Par-Stithi’.Par means someone else, Stithi means situation.They are just playing their role.How do we think when they are playing out their role How do we feel and what so we say in response How we respond to the stimulus

The complete process of how I think, how I speak and how I behave This is MY CHOICE.

How to Be Happy In Difficult Situations

The other person is outside, he can say anything.He may lie to you, belittle you or shout at you.That is all he can do.The other person cannot enter your mind.People can cheat us, betray us, lie to us or criticize us.They can do everything outside but they cannot enter here.We can say they cheated me or lied to me They scolded me or they exploited me.

Someone exploited me financially.Someone assaulted me physically.But NO-ONE can hurt me emotionally.No-one can enter into my mind.Emotional abuse which means the negative thoughts we create Whether it is anxiety, fear or pain.What happens inside here.

This is our creation.And I need to take responsibility.They are outside and it is only me.I am the creator of my every thought.Even if you react impulsively in any situation Never say, “It was because of them.”Just take personal responsibilityAnd say, ” I created it. Next time it will be different.”Because just by saying I created it.I take the power in my hands.And if I say they are responsible.Then we are a Slave To The situation. 

I am not a slave. I am a master of my life.

I am a powerful soul.I take responsibility of my every thought, word and behaviour.Personal responsibility of my thoughts, feelings, words and behaviours.Let us experiment this, no matter what situations come throughout the day.Let it be any situation, literally any situation.Let people behave in any way.Let us be very clear, even if they say anything or do anything.That whatever happens inside my mind here is my creation.

Remind ourselves everyday, ” I am the creator of my every thought and feeling.”

And second think, ” I have a choice that how I think.”When we revise this repeatedly.That I am the creator and I have a choice We will not blame other people And we will start thinking right.We don’t know whether the situation is right or not But thinking right is our power and our responsibility.So take the responsibility of creating the right thought in every situation, With every person, always.

Good Morning friend.

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